• Who needs the services proposed by La Conciergerie des Trois Villes Soeurs?

If you are the owner of a secondary residence or a gîte and you don't have the time or you don't know how to manage the bookings of your property. We are here to help you, to accompany you and to carry out all the tasks which can seem burdensome to you for the setting on line and the management of your advertisement.

  • How can La Conciergerie des Trois Villes Soeurs help us with our holiday rental?

We do everything possible to optimise the advertisement and maximise your rental income through the taking of photographs with a professional camera, the personalized drafting of your advertisement, contact with the traveller in several languages, the monitoring of market prices to optimise your occupancy rate and your income, the management of the logistics of cleaning and laundry, the management of the arrivals and departures of your travellers. We can also purchase basic products for you (such as oil, garbage bags or sponges) and we also offer the preparation of a welcome gourmet basket with local producers. All these details can make the difference for your travellers and allow you to become SUPERHOST.

  • How is the cleaning and laundry managed?

For each booking, the cleaning costs are charged to the travellers and are repaid to you. Cleaning and laundry are carried out by self-employed cleaners or CESU, as you prefer, who will send you their invoice with the number of hours they have worked in the month.

  • Which platforms are my residence published on?

Your property is published on the top platforms, mainly on Airbnb and Booking.

  • How much is the commission on bookings?

The "Management" package is 23% on booking commission ( not including cleaning costs and platforms) and the "All Inclusive" package is 30%.

For instance, if your accommodation is €100 per night, with a minimum booking of 2 nights = €200, plus €50 for cleaning. This makes €250 paid by the traveller. We take 23% of 200€ = 200 x 23% = 46€ and you have for yourself: 200 - 46 = 154€ (you must also take into account the percentage taken by the platforms).

  • How to pay commissions?

At the beginning of each month, La Conciergerie des Trois Villes Sœurs sends an invoice with details of the previous month's bookings to the owners and the percentage applied.

  • Do I have to pay the tourist tax?

The tourist tax must be paid once a year. However, the platforms take care of paying this tourist tax on your behalf if your accommodation is not classified as furnished accommodation.

  • How do I prepare the accommodation before the first renting?

We will inform you to anticipate the number of keys needed for your travellers and for the cleaning staff. We will send you a list (not exhaustive) of the basic equipment expected in a furnished holiday home, which will enable you to check your equipment. Finally, we will ask you to provide 2 to 3 sets of sheets and towels per bed so that you never run out between bookings.

  • Can I block out dates to host family or friends?

Naturally, at any time, by notifying us in advance and if no reservation is already scheduled on these dates, we can block a period for you for your personal use or that of your relatives.